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In Glow, players assume the role of the Apprentice who must follow the Master on their pilgrimage across the stars. The galaxy is a mysterious and dangerous place, however, and the two must work together to reach their destination.

Glow's gameplay focuses on a "Grapple Gun" mechanic where the character can latch onto Star Bits using its Light Ball to reach for things or to launch itself toward places it would normally not be able to reach. Certain Star Bits also allow for Star Chains, which allow the player to connect to more Bits and reach much further.

Glow is a short puzzle-platformer game created in under a month for the 2013 De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde Multimedia Arts Festival by Amiel Suarez, Allen Silva, Xu Wei, Kat Langomez, Neil Co and Ryan Canteras on their senior years.


GLOW.zip 12 MB

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